JESSICA TAYLOR is a photographer and sculptor whose integrated practice calls into question the lethal gaps in U.S. gun legislation. Taylor's work touches on the quiet destruction of her own family as the result of an accidental shooting between brothers, one of whom was her father. Her work also explores the trauma that physical objects can hold, and how the pain of one’s lived experiences can become long-lasting and inter-generational. 

Richmond, VA



Exhibitions & Education


VCU School of the Arts, Photography and Film BFA, May 2018  

Group Exhibitions

America, 3511 P St, Capital One Extended Media Gallery, Richmond VA, June 2019

Roadside Swamp, SOLSTICE, Candela Gallery, Richmond VA, June 2018

Acquiesce, 804 248 4861, Temporary Space, Richmond VA, May 2018

17114W, Sic Semper Tyrannis, The Anderson Gallery, Juror: Alex Klein, Richmond VA, March 2018

73,505 Americans, Hardshake, Valet, Richmond VA, April 2017

Imaginary Bodies, Imaginary Bodies, 123space, Bristol United Kingdom, May 2016

Confession and Other Works, RAW Artists Show, The Hippodrome, Richmond VA, October 2016

Tattered, Adams Outdoor Advertising (Billboard Exhibit), Gastonia NC, May 2014



Etta and Bernie Edwards Endowment for the Arts in Visual Arts

Hess Personal Mastery Grant 


Focal Plane Magazine, Vol. 2, Student Highlight, 2017